Path of Dreams

Short Film (co-production)

Based on the Japanese legend and poet, Ono no Komachi, who, through poetry, challenged social constraints and found love and passion.

Ninth century Japan. The poet and renowned beauty Ono no Komachi visits the court of Emperor Ninmyo and hears lord and poet Fukakusa no Shosho reciting poetry to the crowd. Their eyes meet and Komachi feels an immediate and intense attraction, despite the fact that Shosho is notorious for his charm and way with women. Shosho seeks out Komachi and attempts to prove his love and fidelity through poetic verse. A literary foreplay that entices Komachi yet ceases to win her unyielding trust. To prove his devotion to her, Komachi challenges Shosho to visit her at her home for 99 nights. Only then, on the 100th night, will she accept him as her lover. As the days advance, Komachi and Shosho write beautiful poetry together. They challenge each others conceptions of love, trust, and independence. As Shosho says goodbye on the 99th night, Komachi cannot contain her excitement. She has at last found true love. The next day, Shosho races through a snowstorm to see Komachi. His horse trips causing him to fall, fatally wounded. Komachi wakes up on the morning of the 100th day and reaches for Shosho. He's not there. She crawls to her writing desk and composes a poem, the ink spilling and her bonsai's lone persimmon falling to the parchment. She has come to terms with her fate. She walks out into the forest, snow falling on her eyelashes. She will visit her one true love in her dreams.

2017 / 25 mins / HD

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